IDEA magazine202
12th Biennale of Graphic design in BRNO International Exhibition of Advertising

IDEA No.202
Published: 1987/5

Cover Design: Toshifumi Kawahara, Kazuo Takagi
©1987 Seibundo Shinkosha
Editor in chief: Fumio Sudoh
Editorial Director: Yoshihisa Ishihara
Publisher: Shigeo Ogawa
Editorial Cooperation: Midori Imatake
Editorial Cooperation: Ohchi Design Office
Editorial Cooperation: Masuteru Aoba
Printers: Nishiki Printing Co., Ltd.
Printers: Dainippon Printing Co., Ltd.
Printers: Mitsumura Printing Co., Ltd.

Special Feature: 12th Biennale of Graphic design in BRNO International Exhibition of Advertising and Poster Design by Jiri Hlusicka, Masuteru Aoba
Stasys Eidrigevicius: Illustrator in Poland, Expressionless Expression by Shigeru Watano
Considering Design as a Language, Curt Dahlén, Graphic Designer in Sweden
Atelier Nouveau in Italia by Shigeo Fukuda
The 2nd Wood Package Exhibition by Keiko Hirohashi, Kazumasa Nagai
Brilliant Talent – Emilio Ambasz, So much is expected of him in the future by Midori Imatake
Annual Exhibition of the Society of Publication Designers by Shin’ichiro Tora
Felipe Taborda: Designer & Photographer in Brazil
Munetsugu Satomi’s Works by Itsuji Yoshikawa
The micropluralism of Nadim Karam
Posters of National Cultural Festival by Shigeo Fukuda
Special Feature: Masters of Visual Poetry – the Fire and the Stillness of Creation: “Visual Pathfinders” series, Toshifumi Kawahara / O. Fischinger / N. Mclaren / C&R Eames / J. Whitney / R. Abel by Akira Asada, Itsuo Sakane
Keio Uemura’s Subliminal Perception Coloring (SPC) – A New Method in Color / Drawing by Katsumi Yutani
The 27th World’s Good Design Commodities Exhibition
Peace Poster Exhibition by Shu Kataoka, a victim of an atomic bomb by Shinichiro Tora
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Toshifumi Kawahara
Born in Kyoto in 1950. Received an M.A. from the Art and Design Department of UCLA. While at UCLA, he also worked as a teaching assistant in the field of video and computer graphics. After graduating and returning to Japan, he worked for Takenobu Igarashi Design studio, and then founded his own design office. He was pioneer in the field of CG in Japan and created many TVCM and CG in TV program. Currently he is the president of Polygon Pictures Inc.