IDEA magazine212

IDEA No.212
Published: 1989/1

Cover Design: Domenic Geissbühler
©1989 Seibundo Shinkosha
Editor in chief: Fumio Sudoh
Editorial Director: Ko Konishi
Publisher: Shigeo Ogawa
Editorial Cooperation: Midori Imatake
Editorial Cooperation: Ohchi Design Office
Editorial Cooperation: Masuteru Aoba
Printers: Nishiki Printing Co., Ltd.
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AGI ’88 TOKYO by Masuteru Aoba
Illustrators 30th Annual Exhibition by Shin’ichiro Tora
Taylor & Browning Design Associates
American Typography in New York by Shin’ichiro Tora
Works of Kaoru Kasai by Shohei Shinada
Georges Mailler / Calendar for RHÔNE-POULENC Group by Gerard Mugler, Carol d’Hardivillé
Minale, Tattersfield & Partners Limited by Hiroshi Ohnishi
The Dimentional Illustrations by Kathy Jeffers, Nick Aristovulos, Raymond Ameijide, Margaret Cusack, Walter Einsel, Judith Jampel, Ellen Rixford
The Trick by Shigeru Fukuda
Peter Hendrie, Photographer
Tokyo ADC Prize Winning Works for 1988 by Susumu Sakane
QU4TRO Arquitetos by Claudio Ferlauto
JPDA’s Japanese Package Design Exhibition in New York by Shin’ichiro Tora, Takeo Yao
Series 10: Art in New York Today, Bridge to Heaven by Cristos Gianakos by Shoichiro Higuchi
Art Camp, Hakushu Natsu Festival  Text:Kazue Kobata, Photo: Yoshio Takase
Morteza Momayez Interviewer: Firouzeh Saberi
The Best of International Design in China by Shin’ichiro Tora, Tang Hong
Andrzej Kot, The King ‘Cat’ of Graphics by Paul Peter Piech
Computer-aided Portrait by Nancy Burson by Shoichiro Higuchi
Overseas News, Addresses of Contributors, Domestic News, Book Review and Exhibition News

Domenic Geissbühler
Attended school in Winterthur and Zürich. Training as commercial artist at the Kusntgeverbeschule Zürich under Ernst Keller and Johannes Itten. Art director in an international advertising agency. Independent since 1963. His design many poster works for Operas and theatre performances with numerous awords.