IDEA magazine216

IDEA No.216
Published: 1989/9

Cover Design:The Duffy Design Group

World Design Exposition ’89 Opens
International Poster Exhibition Commemorating Bicentennial of the French Revolution Shigeo Fukuda
A series of the Teacher and His Students ③ Prof. Lanny Sommese and His Seven Students, The theme chosen for this series: “Man is the Sum of What Can Become”
The Society of Illustrators 31st Annual Exhibition Shinichiro Tora
HASHI Exhibition in Tokyo Koichi Nakai
The Duffy Design Group Kenzo Nakagawa
Gerard Guerre’s M and G stand for Merlin Gerin Shigeru Watano
Package Design Exhibition ’89 Jiyu Box Koichi Nakai
Living Viralize Artist Mome Asano Toshinori Mori
Package Design Studios in Milan Mario Craighero, Maurizio di Robilant & Associati, Image Plan International, Studio GBR
The Trick Shigeo Fukuda
Jun Toyoda/Carol Denison Tom Yamada
Robert Wolf: Practical, Solution-oriented design
Modernism in Japan the World of Shichiro Imatake
Series 14-①: Art in New York Today, Gunfiht by Wyatt Arp by Bill Mutter Shoichiro Higuchi
Series 14-②: Art in New York Today, Time for Metamorphosis from Dragon to Angel: Zigi Ben-haim Shoichiro Higuchi
Romano Vitali
Mariah Graham
Barbara Bordnick Jim Ferrante
Mail Art Exhibition from Los Angeles Hisaka Kojima
Overseas News, Addresses of Contributors, Domestic News, Book Review and Exhibition News

The Duffy Design Group
Started in 1984 by Joe Duffy and the partners of Fallon McElligott advertising. A highly acclaimed design firm recognized around the world for their work for such brands as Ameritech, Giorgio Armani, Black & Decker, Chaps/Ralph Lauren, Coca-Cola, Jaguar, Jim Beam, Lee Jeans, Minute MaidTM, Timex, and brands of The Stroh Brewery CompanyTM.