IDEA magazine218

IDEA No.218
Published: 1990/1

Cover Design:Alain Le Quernec

The 2nd TOKYO TDC Exhibition Katsumi Asaba
World Design Expo: The Japanese Poster History Exhibition Shigeo Fukuda
The Poster Collection of the Museum of Art and Design Zurich Karl Wobmann
Tokyo Illustrators Society The 1st Exhibition Masuteru Aoba
Alain Le Quernec
Gustavo Pedroza
The Trick Shigeo Fukuda
Illustration Revolution – Doug Johnson Shinichiro Tora
The 7th Exhibition of NAAC Takeo Yao
Lex van Pieterson Shigeru Watano, Yachiyo Matsuzaki
Vincent Daddiego Rebecca Segerstrom-Sato
Europalia 1989 ・ Modern Posters of Japan
Posters by Per Arnoldi Shinichiro Tora
Stephen Doyle
Artist of Los Angeles / John Hogan Hisaka Kojima
Wu Zi-Qiang He Jia Lin
The Animated Film of Paul Glabiki Karen S. Nulf
Photo-Illustrator / Harry Roolaart Rebecca Segerstrom-Sato
Series 16: Art in New York Today / Mac Adams Shoichiro Higuchi
’89 Illustrators Hall of Fame & Hamilton King Award Shinichiro Tora
Overseas News, Addresses of Contributors, Domestic News, Book Review and Exhibition News

Alain Le Quernec
Born in 1944 in Brittany. Since ’62 he started poster design on his own and since ’71 had learned under Henryk Tomaszewski for 9 months. In ’72 he came back to Brittany. While teaching painting for children, he has been active in graphic design mainly concerning cultural, social or political messages. He has recieved many awards including the Gold Prize in the International Poster Biennale in Mexico.