IDEA magazine219

IDEA No.219
Published: 1990/3

Cover Design:Saul Bass

The World Masters: 1 Saul Bass
K. Domenic Geissb殄ler
A Series of Teacher and His Students Vol. 4: Prof. Gert Wunderlich and His Students Prof. Gert Wunderlich
Poster Designer of Portugal Joao Machado
Andre Thijssen
Graphic Art Exhibition of Susumu Endo Shinichi Segi
‘The Best’ New Zealand Graphic Design Awards 1989
Lewis Moberly Takeo Yao
Richard Kehl Rebecca Segerstrom-Sato
The Trick Shigeo Fukuda
Nicolaus Ott + Bernard Stein Shigeru Watano, Tachiyo Matsuzaki
The 2nd Katsumi-Masaru-Award Winner Takenobu Igarashi
Woods + Woods, fresh-but never trendy
Ishikawa Design Recommendation Project Haruaki Matsuyama
Sergio Liuzzi Guimaraes & Rogerio Martins
David Anson Russo’s Illustrated Letters Rebecca Segerstrom-Sato
Joe Ciardiello
’89 The Art Directors Club Hall of Fame Shinichiro Tora
Kumamoto Design Award Takeo Yao
Series 17-1: Art in New York Today / Jonathan Lasker Shoichiro Higuchi
Overseas News, Addresses of Contributors, Domestic News, Book Review and Exhibition News

Saul Bass
Born in N.Y. in 1929. He was a proprietor of Saul Bass/Herb Yager & Assoc., and graphic designer and ゙lm director. He designed numerous corporate identities and packages. He designed graphic symbols of over 60 motion pictures, including ‘Bonjour Tristesse’,’The Shining’ and create over 40 motion picture titles including ‘North by Northwest’.’Psyco’. He was also director of feature ゙lm and as that he recieved many prizes. Died in 1996 when he was 75.