IDEA magazine223

IDEA No.223
Published: 1990/11

Cover Design:Kazumasa Nagai

The World Masters: 5 Kazumasa Nagai
1990 Tokyo ADC Awards Yoshifumi Nakashima
Contemporary U.S.A. & U.S.S.R. Poster Exhibition Noboru Matsuura
XIV Biennale of Graphic Design Brno Jan Rajlich
The World of Kenji Itoh’s Print Art Kazumasa Nagai
Gary Kelley Shinichiro Tora
Finn Nygaard J. H. Sanberg
Kijuro Yahagi
N.Y. Type Directors Club 36th Annual Exhibition Yoshihiro Yoshida
Arthur Meyerson
Franco Grignani’s Signs & Symbols
Michael Thierens Design
The Trick Shigeo Fukuda
Alexander Rutsch
Leslee Avchen RitaSue Sigel & Michelle Stuhl
Shoichiro Higuchi’s Stimulating Installation
Kent Design – Workshop Shigeru Watano, Yachiyo Matsuzaki
Series 21: Art in New York Today, The Meaning of Erika Beckman’s Art Focus Shoichiro Higuchi
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Kazumasa Nagai
Born in Osaka in 1929. In 1951 he withdrew from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, where he majored in sculpture. In 1960 he participated in organaizing the Nippon Design Center. On two occasions his designs were selected in competitions to serve as the official marks of major national events: the Sapporo Winter Olympic Games in 1966 and the Okinawa International Ocean Exposition in 1972. Now he is working mainly on posters.