IDEA magazine224
New Wave Nude Photos

IDEA No.224
Published: 1991/1

Cover Design:Milton Glaser

The World Masters: 6 Milton Glaser
The Exhibition “Graphic Design Today”
“Tokyo Illustrators society” The 2nd Exhibition Koichi Sato
Image Mirror III: “EMAKI,” Picture Scrolls by 7 Graphic Designers
Braldt Bralds
Design Director, Jerry Demoney
Special Feature: New Wave Nude Photos, Christin Rodin, George Holz, Cay Lang, Connie Imboden, Rutger ten Broeke Jeanne Stallman
Michele Clement
Grigor Angelov
The Trick Shigeo Fukuda
Neon Arts by Kunio Ohashi
Artist, Charles Davidson Rebecca Segerstrom-Sato
Best of The Best 1989 Herbert M. Meyers, Linda Keefe
Ladislav Novak Leopold Pospisil
Well-designed Products Selected by the Ishikawa Design Center Haruaki Matsuyama
Series 22: Art in New York Today, Shin Fura, Mitsuo Toshida, Kimiko Fujimura, The Three Artists’ Lifestyles and Methodologies Shoichiro Higuchi
Roland Schenk
Seiichiro Arai’s Brilliant Mark in the history of Advertisement in Japan Makoto Nakamura
Overseas News, Domestic News, Exhibition News, Book Review, Addresses of Contributors

Milton Glaser
Born in 1929 in New York City. He studied at the Cooper Union Art School and later attended the Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna, Italy. He was a catalyst and guiding force for the establishment of the enormously influential Pushpin Studios in 1954, and New York Magazine in 1968 and in 1983 to form WBMG. He deal with the logotype of ‘I♥NY’ and for others and is active in many fields.