IDEA magazine229

IDEA No.229
Published: 1991/11

Cover Design:Jan Lenica

The World Masters: 11 Jan Lenica
The 3rd International Poster Triennial in Toyama 1991 Kazumasa Nagai
C. F. Payne
Graphic Designer in California, Robert Miles Runyan
The Lahti IX Poster Biennale Jorge Frascara
1991 YUGO (Fusion) Exhibition Shinichiro Tora
Nous Travaillons Ensemble / Grapus, Alex Jordan Alex Jordan, Shigeru Watano, Yachiyo Matsuzaki
Collage Artist, David Lui
Fantastic Photographer, Tak Kojima Rebecca Segerstrom-Sato
A Graphic Artist in Tunisia, Nja Mahdaoui Constraction: Koichi Sato
TDC 37 + JTA 1991 Shintaro Ajioka
Hiro Kimura Seymour Chwast
Zanders 1991 Calendar, “People to People-Paper units”
Series 27: Art in New York Today, Robert Murray, Between the Sky and the Horizon Shoichiro Higuchi
Graphic Design in USSR-BELORUSSIA Jan Rajlich
Overseas News, Domestic News, Exhibition News, Book Review, Addresses of Contributors
Born in 1928 in Poznan, Poland. He studied architecture in the Technical University of Warsaw, working at the same time for a popular satirical magazine ‘Szpilki’ (‘Pins’). He moved to Paris and later to the U.S.A. where in 1974 he became a professor at the Harvard University in Cambridge. In 1979 he was the head of animated films department at the University of Kassel. At present he lives and works in Berlin, where from 1986 to 94 he gave lectures at Hochschule der Kunste.