IDEA magazine230

IDEA No.230
Published: 1992/1

Cover Design:Ikko Tanaka

The World Masters: 12 Ikko Tanaka Shouji Katagishi
1991 Tokyo ADC Awards Shigeo Fukuda
Modern Finland Posters 4 Exhibit, Kyllikki Salminen, Tapani Aartomaa, Kari Piippo, Pekka Loiri Noboru Matsuura
International Poster Triennale in Toyama ’91, Gold Prize Winning Artist, Michel Quarez
An Illustrator Who Draws the Spiritual World , Roy Pendleton
Suntory Granville Collection: 1, 1890’s, The Birth of Modern Posters Makoto Nakamura
The Beauty of Composition by Guenter Knop Duncan Christy
Super Designing 2 Masami Nishiko
Roy Lichtenstein & Andy Warhol – Pop Muses Exhibition Akiko Hyuga
de Harak & Poulin Associates, Inc. and Richard Poulin
Conqueror Corporate Stationery Design Competition ’91, Letterheads of Japan, Now in Our Sight Katsumi Asaba
Rock Roll with Susumu Sato Jim Ferrante
Well Designed Products Selected by the Design Ceneter Ishikawa Haruaki Matsuyama
Kazuaki Iwasaki • Space Design Takeo Yao
Photographer in the Field of Music and Fashion, Todd Gray
Series 28: Art in New York Today, Telescopic World of Yvonne Jacquette Shoichiro Higuchi
Book Review, News & Information, Addresses of Contributors

Ikko Tanaka
Born in Nara in 1930 and graduated from Kyoto City School of Fine Arts in 1951. After working at The Nippon Design Center Inc. he became president of the Ikko Tanaka Design Studio in 1963. Since 1973, he has been active as the art director for the Seibu Saison Groupe. He recieved the Silver Prize of Warsaw International Poster Biennial, the Gold Prize of New York ADC,and many others. Died in 2002.