IDEA magazine232

IDEA No.232
Published: 1992/5

Cover Design:Waldemar Swierzy

The World Masters: 14 Waldemar Swierzy
Art Deco Posters by Five Masters from Exhibition: Modern Art in Paris -1910s to 1930s A New Age of Visual Media Tomoko Ohyagi
Onofrio Paccione, transforming into an artist Shinichiro Tora
Art of Michael Parkes
Pentagram in the 90th: The Next Generation Paula Scher with Sarah Haun
VI Plan in Nature, The Albertvill Winter Olumpic Games Christophe Peres
Franco Balan, Graphic Designer in Italy U. G. Sato
Latvian Artist, Juris Dimiters
From The Exhibition “Graphic Age”; Cultural Posters by 13 Designers from the Central Part of Japan Shigeo Okamoto
Ohchi Design Office, Packaging Design
Suntory Granville Collection: 3 1925-1940, Establishment of Modern Poster Art Makoto Nakamura
Tokyo Illustrators Society: The 3rd Exhibition Nisuke Shimotani, Construction: Ryuji Fujieda
Mark Seliger, Editorial Photographer
125 Artists and their Baseball Cards Shinichiro Tora
Biman Mullich; “Cleanair” Posters Paul Peter Piech
Peterson & Blyth Associates Inc.
Series 30: Art in New York Today, Carrie McGee: Washing off the Scale of Culture, Two Sides of Susan Silas’s Imagination Shoichiro Higuchi
Book Review, News & Information, Exhibitions, Addresses of Contributors

Waldemar Swierzy
Born in 1931 in Katowice. Studied at the Katowice Branch of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Since then he has been active in graphic and poster design. Currently He is a teacher in Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan and Warsaw and member of AGI. Works in posters, books design, illustration. He recieved Toulouse-Lautrec Grand Prix, the first prize of International Biennale of the Arts in Sao Paulo and many others.