IDEA magazine233
'92 Graduation Works of Graphic Design Students

IDEA No.233
Published: 1992/7

Cover Design:Yusaku Kamekura

The World Masters: 15 Yusaku Kamekura Mamoru Yonekura
Misawa Homes’ Bauhaus Collection Ö@ Art and Technology – A New Unity Weimar 1919-1924 Kunio Kobayashi
JAGDA Peace & Environmental Posters “I’m here.” Shigeo Fukuda
Satirical Illustrator, Rob Day
World AIDS Poster Exhibition
French Graphic Designer Team, Fauchere & Corbin Christophe Zagrodzki
The National Library, Paris: The Grand Prix of Cultural Posters Anne-Marie Sauvage
The 34th Illustrators Annual Exhibition Shinichiro Tora
Ryszard Horowitz, Photo-Composer Jim Ferrante
Hartmann & Mehler Designers Takeo Yao
Let’s Preserve “Seven Underwater Wonders of The World” Shinichiro Tora
Special Feature: ’92 Graduation Works of Graphic Design Students Masuteru Aoba
Visual Design Art of 76th NIKA Exhibition
The 52nd Annual Exhibition of Bijutsu Bunka Art Association
Book Review, News & Information, Exhibitions, Addresses of Contributors

Yusaku Kamekura
Born in Niigata, 1915 . His master works are posters for the 18th Olympic Games, Japan World Exposition in Osaka and Hiroshima Appleals. He was the editor of ‘Creation’ magazine focused on international graphic design, art illustration and was awarded Mainichi Design Awards for this achivement (1994), He was given the title of Doctor Honoris Causa from the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsawa (1994).Died in 1997.