IDEA magazine235

IDEA No.235
Published: 1992/11

Cover Design:Shigeo Fukuda

The World Masters: 16 Shigeo Fukuda Pierre Bernard
XV Biennial of Graphic Design Brno 1992, International Exhibition of Illustration and Editorial Art
The Mysterious World of Mark Kostabi Masayuki Okabe
Anthon Beeke’s Theater Posters Shigeru Watano/Yachiyo Matsuzaki
The 1st International Poster Triennial MOSCOW ’92 Shigeo Fukuda
Tom McNeely, Illustrator
Hiromi Inayoshi’s Graphic Art = New Impressionism
Misawa Homes’ Bauhaus Collection ÖB Chaos of Confrontations and Provocations, Dessau to Berlin 1930-1933 Kunio Kobayashi
Chuck Shotwell, Commercial Photographer
Energetic Artist, Ushio Shinohara Akiko Hyuga
Adam Niklewicz, Successful Illustrator in N.Y. Marshall Arisman
Package Design by Kazuki Maeda Takeo Yao
N.Y. Type Directors Club 38th Annual Exhibition and 1992 Japan Typography Annual Shu Kataoka
Typographic Design in Holland Shigeru Watano/Yachiyo Matsuzaki
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Shigeo Fukuda
Born in Tokyo in 1932. Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Musuc. In 1969 he created the official poster for Osaka World Exposition. He recieved the Gold Prize at the International Poster Biennial in Warsaw, the First Prize at the International Poster Biennial in Moscow and so on. Now he is a member of AGI and visiting professor of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.