IDEA magazine236

IDEA No.236
Published: 1993/1

Cover Design:Michel Bouvet

The World Masters: 17 Michel Bouvet Alain Weill
Tokyo ADC Awards 1992 Masuteru Aoba
John Jude Palencar, Illustrator
A Fine Spanish Designer, Pere Torrent “Peret”
The 3rd International Graphic Arts Competition Festival D’Affiches de Chaumont 1992 Masuteru Aoba
XV Brno Biennial 1992 ICOGRADA Excellence Award Winner, Keizo Matsui
An Artist Who Paints the Soul, Jaroslav Serych
Hans Neleman, Photographer Alice Beck-Odette
Leo Monahan: Paper in Dimension Koichi Inagaki
Appealing Artistic CI Design, Shigeo Katsuoka Hiroshi Ueki
Editorial Illustrator, Wendell Minor
II Munich International Litfass Advertising Tower Art Biennial 1992 Helmut Langer
Takeo Yao, Recipient of Three Honorable Awards William J. O’Connor, Susumu Sakane
Design Board/Behaeghel & Partners Takeo Yao
Poster Auction in London
Lili Lakich, Neon Artist Hisaka Kojima
Elaine Ellman, Photographer
Book Review, News & Information, Exhibitions, Addresses of Contributors

Michel Bouvet
Born in 1955, Michel Bouvet is a prominent French graphic artist who held exhibitions around the world and won numerous awards for his design work. Currently, Bouvet is a professor at the ESAG (Ecole superieure des arts graphiques) in Paris.