IDEA magazine249
Sharaku and Today's Graphics

IDEA No.249
Published: 1995/3

Cover Design:Marshall Arisman

Sharaku and Today’s Graphics -Sharaku Bicentenary-
Sharaku, the Radical Ukiyoe Artist Shinichi Segi
Japanese Traditional Woodcut Prints and Contemporary Graphics
An Homage to Sharaku Katsumi Asaba and Movie “Sharaku”
Sharaku’s Perspective of the Age to Come Ikko Tanaka
Edo Culture as a Motif Interview with Koichi Sato
“Sharaku by 67 Designers” Shigeo Fukuda
Impact and Faith, “Light Runners” by Marshall Arisman Takahisa Iwayoshi
The Second Moscow International Biennale “Golden Bee”
Design Office in the Netherlands, Koeweiden / Postma Shigeru Watano / Yachiyo Matsuzaki
The Contemporary Poster Exhibition LIFE 21 vs. 21 (Second Half)
Fusion of Crisp Images with Fine Sensibility, Ph. D Hisaka Kojima
Ficticious Book Design by Kouga Hirano
Alain Weill’s Calling Card Art Alain Weill
Nine Kyushu Designers Exhibition Yusaku Tomoeda
Artistic Typography, Jan Solpera Bohuslav Holy
New Trends in Public Planning, Munich Airport Shoichiro Higuchi
The N.Y. Art Directors Club ’94 Hall of Fame Shinichiro Tora
Shiseido: Design Strategies for Businesses Geared for the 21st Century Ikuo Amano / Takao Onoda
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Marshall Arisman
Born in 1938 in NY. After graduating from Pratt Institute, he began working as artist, illustrator. He contributed his illustration for ‘TIME’ and ‘New York Times’. His painting works are in the permanent collections of Brooklyn Museum, at the National Museum of American Art and the Smithsonian Institution.