IDEA magazine259
Perspective of Kijuro Yahagi

IDEA No.259
Published: 1996/11

Cover Design:Kijuro Yahagi

Special Feature: Kijuro Yahagi –Perspective of Kijuro Yahagi Text: Kijuro Yahagi
17th International Biennale of Graphic Design Brno 1996 Text: IDEA Editorial Staff
Katsuhiko Shibuya –Pure Neutral Sensibility Commentary: Katsuyoshi Shibuya
Hideyuki Tanaka’s Playful Expression Interview: IDEA Editorial Staff, Comentary: Takkyu Ishino
Special Feature: Studying the “Studying Koichi Sato” Exhibition Interview: IDEA Editorial Staff, Commentary: Koichi Sato
John Hersey –Illustration of New Pop Taste Text: Takahisa Iwayoshi
Takashi Homma –Love = Hotel Takashi Homma
Elements – Re・Elements Part 7 Keiji Ito → Hiroyuki Matsukage
New Media Design Scene: Computer Game “I.Q” [Intelligent Qube] Commentary: Masahiko Sato
International Design Center Nagoya
The Newcomers –Japan Visual Art Exhibition ’96 Text: Katsuhiko Hibino
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Kijuro Yahagi
Born in Yamagata in 1952. Graduated from the Tokyo Liberal Arts University in 1974 and the Kuwasawa Institute of Design in 1976. His projects include graphic, sign, photography, art, architect, criticism, publishing. He joined in asia art viennnale Bangladesh as artist in 1993. Publications include ‘VIsions of Japan’ and ‘Hidden Japan’ He also has neen active in architecture , completing a condominium in 1995 and a private residences in 1998 and 2000.