IDEA magazine269
Abstract Expressions Today

IDEA No.269
Published: 1998/7

Cover Design: Tomato

Special Feature: Abstract Expressions Today Planning and Arrangement: IDEA Editorial Staff, Editorial Cooperation: Kijuro Yahagi, Special THanks: Ruki Matsumoto Collection, Batsu Art Gallery
Le Siecle Du Design –The Osaka Version of the Exhibition Held to Commemorate the Opening of Maison de la Culture du Japon a Paris Text: Ikko Tanaka
Aboud・Sodano –London Design Unit Art Directing Global Image Visuals
Tokyo Typedirectors Club 1998 Annual Award Text: Katsuya Ise
Teiji Fujii –Visual Insight – creative approach from New York
Visual Design Art of 82nd Nika Exhibition
The 58th Annual Exhibition of Bijutsu Bunka Art Association
News & Information, Exhibitions and Book Reviews, Addresses of Contributors

Tomato, founded in 1991 is active in a wide variety of creative fields, including films, graphic design, print publications, multi-media, fashion, architecture, music, business consulting, and more. Members are Michael Horsham, Steve Baker, John Warwicker, Graham Wood, Simon Taylor, Jason Kedgley, Karl Hyde, Rick Smith, Dirk Van Dooren, Joel Baumann, Anthony Rogers, Tom Roope, Tota Hasegawa.