IDEA magazine270
What's New in Typography

IDEA No.270
Published: 1998/9

Cover Design: Kyle Cooper

Special Feature: What’s New in Typography Planning and Arrangement: IDEA Editorial Staff, Project Director: Teiji Fujii
Virus Jonathan Barnbrook
[T-26] Carlos Segura
Eric Lin [T-26]
Mario Feliciano [T-26]
Peter Bruhn [T-26]
Eyesaw Fontz Drik Uhlenbrock @ signalgrau designbureau
Stephen Farrell @ Slip Studio [T-26]
Frank Heine @ O.R.G. [T-26]
Edward Fella @ Cal Arts
Elliott Peter Earls @ Apollo program
“Liquid Rtpography” Thomas Muller @ Razorfish
P. Scott Makela @ Words + Picture for Business + Culture
Thirst Rick Valicenti
Paul Sych @ Faith [Thistype]
Patrick Giasson [Thistype]
Magnus Rakeng [Thistype]
Frank Ford @ Titanium [Thistype]
Tje Attik Design
Scott Clum @ Ride
Plazm Media
Pete McCracken @ Crack Press [Plazm Fonts]
Marcus Burlile @ Raw Types [Plazm Fonts]
Charles Wilkin @ Automatic Art and Design [Plazm Fonts Prototype]
Pablo Medina @ Media Design [Plazm Fonts]
Kyle Cooper @ Imaginary Forces
Jonathan Hoefler [Hoefler Type Foundry]
“What is Your Vision of Typography in the Future?”
“The America Type (Austhetic)” Jeffrey Keedy
The 9th International Graphic Arts Competition Festival D’Affiches de Chaumont 1998 Text: Makoto Saito
The 16th International Poster Biennale in Warsaw Text: Uwe Loesch, Werner Jeker
Age of Cutting Sheet Art The 10th CS Design Awards 1998 Text: Kazumasa Nagai
News & Information, Exhibitions and Book Reviews, Addresses of Contributors

Kyle Cooper
Born in 1963. Creative director and managing partner. After he learned under Paul Rand at Yale University, he directed feature film titels and broadcast projects and commercials. His movie title sequence of David Fincher’s Seven in 1995, made his work known all over the world. He established Imaginary Forces, Hollywood in 1996 and has directed more than 100 titles include, Mission Impossible, Spawn etc.