IDEA magazine282
Blue Source issue

IDEA No.282
Published: 2000/9
Price: 定価3,048円/2,771+tax jp yen soldout

Special features : Blue Source, Chris Ashworth, Fuel (London), Dept, Mevis en Van Deuresen (Amsterdam), Michihiko Yanai (Japan), IPT 2001 report, Tadanori Yokoo – Original Back Cover Art, Shinro Ohtake – Serial Bound-in Magazine Supplement-Part 9 and more.

Blue Source (London) original design works (24pages)


Chris Ashworth (london) original design works (24pages)


Fuel (London) Fuel3000 preview (12pages)


Dept BEZET project and their strategy (amsterdam)


Michihiko Yanai (Japan), The role of the absurd in the age of real communication

Mevis en Van Deuresen (Amsterdam) Rotterdam 2001 house style


IPT 2001 report, the 6th international poster triennial in Toyama

Serials: For Alternative Communication vol.4 “design printing” by Issay Kitagawa

Serials: Kyoichi Tsuzuki -When Pig Design vol.5

Shinro Ohtake – special bound-in poster

Tadanori Yokoo – Original Back Cover Art “GRAPH”

Cover Design: Blue Source
London based creative group of artists from various genres. They have made their works in collaboration with photographers and illustrators. Their projects include music videos, commercials, title sequences, short films, documentaries, graphic design. Mejor projects include artworks for Chemical Brothers, Leftfield and Coldplay, Adidas campaign.