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50th anniversary special issue Idea Scrapbook

IDEA No.300
Published: 2003/9
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The Bipolarizing World: A 50th Anniversary Commemorative Discussion:Noriyuki Tanaka x Hiroki Azuma x Kei Matsushita / Idea Scrapbook / Interviews “Design in the Past, Design From Now On”: Tadanori Yokoo, Kazumasa Nagai, Naoto Fukasawa, Shutaro Mukai / Shinro Ohtake Original Serial Poster vol.3 “Roman-City” / When Pigs Design Vol.22 by Kyoichi Tsuzuki / Invisible language Vol. 9 by Paul Elliman / “Brian Eno 2003” idea remix ver.3.0 by heiQuiti HARATA / Bound-in supplement poster GRAPH x GRAPH / News + Information

the permanent preservation version Idea Scrapbook
The Idea Scrapbook is published in celebration of the 300th issue of “Idea Magazine,” and is a collection of 299 cover arts from past issues of the magazine and a number of articles specially chosen and reedited by the editors.Most of the covers of “Idea Magazine” are newly designed by designers taken up in the particular issue. Although some designers’ works have appeared on the covers multiple times, more than 230 designers have created new pieces of cover art for us. For designers, the cover of “Idea Magazine” has been an experimental space that could be used freely to enjoy creating whatever they want. Many of the pieces of work have become historically important as they were created in styles very different from the designers’ usual styles.In “Idea Magazine,” we have introduced the latest design at the time through works of designers from all over the world. For the purpose of comprising the 300th issue of “Idea Magazine,” we have reread every past issue of the magazine in the last 50 years and have noticed that the magazines has not always covered the trend in the world of design that is currently recognized as being historically significant. On the other hand, many pieces of work that are we found very interesting but are not well-known today were covered in the past articles. These facts show that design has not developed linearly but has always been moving chaotically in various directions in each period of time.The Idea Scrapbook reconstructs pieces of work that have been selected from the countless numbers of works from the past issues for being symbolic of the time and appearing interesting to today’s editors’ eyes. This Scrapbook is a cross-sectional view and a developed view of a space-time continuum of “Idea Magazine” in the higher order. In other words, the scrapbook doesn’t necessarily represent the ‘history of graphic design.’ Today, ‘new’ and ‘old’ in a historical sense and ‘new’ and ‘old’ as a personal experience doesn’t always agree. We hope that the Idea Scrapbook becomes a gateway to a new experience for the readers.


The Bipolarizing World: A 50th Anniversary Commemorative Discussion
Noriyuki Tanaka(graphic designer) x Hiroki Azuma(critic) x Kei Matsushita(graphic designer)Widely based on the situation in the design and the world which changed with the spread of PCs or the appearances of the Internet a lot in these ten years, Noriyuki Tanaka, Kei Matsushita and Hiroki Azuma discuss about the present and future of design, art, animation and Internet.

Interviews : Design in the Past, Design From Now On
Tadanori Yokoo(artist/designer): IDEA and IKazumasa Nagai(graphic designer): My Involvement with PostersNaoto Fukasawa(product designer): Design: An Objective SketchShutaro Mukai(Professor of Design Science): Design as Indisciplinary Discipline

BRIAN ENO 2003. idea remix ver.3.0 by heiQuiti HARATA


Shinro Ohtake Original Serial Poster <2nd Impact> vol.3 Roman-City


Cover Design: sign
Apology & Correction
There were mistakes in this issues of IDEA.
The cover designer names in p.53, 73, 135 was wrong. The correct names are as follows.

No.28 Hiroshi Ohchi
No.31 Ayao Yamana
No.32 Leo Lionni
No.33 George Giusti
No.34 Erberto Carboni
No.28 Tadao Ujihara
No.31 Paul Peter Piech
No.32 Yoshio Hayakawa
No.33 E. Buchegger
No.34 William F. Bunce

No.71 Shichiro Imatake
No.71 Etienne Delessert

No.156 Kenji Ito
No.156 Wolfgang Weingart

We would like to apologize for this mistake to our readers and contributors concerned.