IDEA magazine322
Otl Aicher / Journal Culture

IDEA No.322
Published: 2007/5
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Special Feature: Otl Aicher the world as design / Contributors: MarkusRathgeb, Martin Krampen, Ian McLaren, Albrecht Hotz / [Japanese Translation] Otl Aicher “the world as design” / 72: Otl Aicher and the Munich Olympaid Exhibition Supplement, Curated and designed by Bibliothèque / Special Feature: Journal Culture / with contribution from William Drenttel / Clip/Stamp/Fold The Radical Architecture of Little Magazines 196X-197X / Journal Culture Reader / helmut schmid: design is attitude [exhibition preview] / When flying pigs design Vol. 36 Text & Photo by Kyoichi Tsuzuki / Critical eyes for Japanese Typefaces vol. 1: Letterform, Mitsuo Fukawa & Kazuo Koike / On Hand Lettering vol.6 Chapter II Part 3, Koga Hirano, Naomichi Kawahata and Osamu TorinoumiCover design: Helmut Schmid

Special Feature: Otl Aicher the world as design
Markus Rathgeb “Otl Aicher: An Introduction to His Life and Works”
Martin Krampen “Semiotic reading of Aicher’s graphic posters for the Ulm Adult Educational School (Volkshochschule).”
Ian McLaren “Otl Aicher; designer and practical idealist”
Albrecht Hotz “Working at Rotis”
[Japanese Translation] the world as design Otl Aicher, Translation by Mariko Otabe
[exhibition preview]72: Otl Aicher and the Munich Olympaid Exhibition Supplement Curated and designed by Bibliothèque
With Contribution from Michael Burke and Ian McLaren


Special Feature: Journal Culture
This special feature introduces what we call “Journal Culture” through the premier issues of journals collected by William Drenttel, Winterhouse. The journals in his collection can remind us of the timeless enthusiasm that accompanies a new magazine or journal. We’ve also bolstered with a selection of design periodicals from the recent past – publications that could all too easily slip out of public memory should we not acknowledge them now – and use these as a way to connect the past and present of publishing through a visual introduction to the cultural tides of journals and magazines.With contribution from William Drenttel, Winterhouse.URL: that included in this feature are; 2wice, ANY, Art and Literature, Aspen, Baseline, Cultural Critique, Dot Zero, Eye, Fact, Grey Room, The Hasty Papers, Journal of Printing Historical Society, The Journal of Typographic Research, Log, Mainstream, Matrix, Minimal Politics, Normal, October, Partisan Review, Signature, Tel Quel, Trace, Typographica and so on…



The Radical Architecture of Little Magazines 196X-197XAn exhibition of independent architectural journals from the 1960s and 70s. Many of the little magazines that sprang up in those revolutionary years folded after only a few issues, and most are almost entirely scattered and lost today. But the bright cover images that remain their public faces today are invaluable resources for looking back at conditions at the time they appeared.Text by Beatriz Colomina.URL:


Journal Culture Reader
We asked a number of people who’ve been involved in the writing, editing, distribution and design of magazines to draw up lists of the magazines that have most influenced their own way of thinking. Each respondent’s comments are both a bibliographical musing that provides sure and critical insight into journal culture, and also a confession of an autobiography in magazines told from the unique viewpoint of one reader’s highly personal encounters with magazines. Participants: Andrew Blauvelt, Brett Phillips, Christoph Keller, David Cabianca, David Crowley, David Renard, Emily King, Jeremy Leslie, Jop van Bennekom, Joerg Koch, Kenneth FitzGerald, Kerry William Purcell, Leonardo Sonnoli, Lorraine Wild, Nick Bell, Project Projects, Richard Hollis, Rick Poynor, Robin Kinross, Shumon Basar, Steven Heller, Stuart Bailey, Sulki Choi, Tony Brook, 2×4.


helmut schmid: design is attitude [exhibition preview]
Text by Victor Malsy and Philipp Teufel and with designers comments collected by Maria Kiseleva
Design by Helmut Schmid


Critical eyes for Japanese Typefaces
vol. 1: LetterformMitsuo Fukawa & Kazuo Koike