IDEA magazine334
Designs for Manga, Anime & Light Novels (Vol.1)

IDEA No.334
Published: 2009/5
Price: 定価3,666/3,333+tax jp yen soldout

Special Feature: Designs for Manga, Anime & Light Novels (Vol.1)

Graphic designs for Otaku culture have become more highly developed over the past decade, evolving from mere images of printed characters to more integrated graphic packages full of detail and rich interpretations of the titles.
In this special issue, Idea explores the world of design for Otaku culture, which are not confined to the rules of Western design with their composite gestalts.

Shin Sobue+cozfish, Shin Sobue, Heiquiti Harata, Junichi Kusaka, Norito Inoue, VOLARE, Shinichi Sekine’s Working Room, Chord Design Studio, Veia, Mach55Go, Kohei Nawata

Special Project : Works of YOTUBA SUTAZIO


Special Projects:
The cover design of Sazae-san / The book design of Norakuro / Mascots of Comic Magazines in Japan
Special Supplement Comic:
“Chihayaburu Otamajyakushi” by Shin Sobue


A Cultural History of Contemporary Design Vol. 4 Quentaro Ani Fujimoto
Text: Barbora

The Shape of Things to Come Vol.4
Text by Takashi Serizawa, Design by Tokyo Pistol, Photo by Toshie Kusamoto

MeMe Design Journal Vol.4
Norio Iguchi and Yukimasa Matsuda, “Figures emerging from the city”
Design by MeMe Design School + Nakagaki Design Studio