IDEA magazine371

IDEA No.371
Published: 2015/10
Price: 定価3,111円/2,829+tax jp yen

Direction: So Hashizume, Toshiaki Koga & Idea
Text: Toshiaki Koga
Design:So Hashizume

The ABCʼs of graphic design: A dialogue with an Inquirer

I: Technology
II: Tool & Method
III: Communication
IV: Media
V: Environment

Supplement: Structures, Notes & Reflections
Edit and Design:Alex Rich & Jürg Lehni

The Revival of Cassette Culture

Yellow Pages
Vol. 7 Giang Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City)

Report of Graphic Design in Japan 1990-2014 conference
Graphic Design Session / Book Design & Typography Session

All we know about Japanese Zines Vol. 4: Zines in the 80s — Life After Punk Rock

Reviews & Information
New Type
the idea of music [017]
Information & Book
Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Emblem

Baconʼs Cassette labels

NOTE: All text in Japanese unless otherwise noted.