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The Works of Suzuki Hitoshi, Book Designer

IDEA No.379
Published: 2017/10
Price: 定価3,111円/2,829+tax jp yen

The Works of Suzuki Hitoshi, Book Designer

Direction: Jun-ichiro Khori, Toshinobu Nagat
Photo: Jun Wajda
Design: Toshinobu Nagata

Chapter 0
Boyhood Yearning for Airplanes: Cherished Objects of Design

Chapter 1
Design Outlaw: Works with Kohei Sugiura

Chapter 2
Mad Layouter: Independence, New Academism & Visual Culture Studies

Chapter 3
Excess to Counteract: Film Books

Chapter 4
Wrestling Formats: Visual History of the Modern Century

Chapter 5
As Architect and Site Supervisor: Dictionary & Encyclopedia

Chapter 6
Bound into Smallness: Photo Books

Chapter 7
Spitball Media: Self Publishing

Chapter 8
Inadmissible: Own Works

Chapter 9
Solitude and Solidarity: Opinion Advertisements

Chapter 10
For the Public: Collaboration Interviews & Conversation


Atlases: Visualizing the Ecological Conception of the World

Part 2: Paul Otlet’s “Atlas of Universal Civilisation” and Atlas Museum
Text: Akio Ota

Language Without Place

Part 4: Sample Writing
Text and Image: Scott Joseph
Translation: Takamitsu Yamamoto

Division of the Photography and Images

Part 3: Sohei Nishino Photography and Body
Text: Kohei Oyama

Sato Naoki Exhibition “Unexplored Tokyo: There, It has grown”

Text: Naoki Sato

Label Design of Japanese Sake

Text: Kazuhiro Ota

Interview with Takakuwa Art Printing

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