idea magazine

IDEA NO.166 : Ikko Tanaka / World of Symbols

Published: 1981/5   Sold out.

Cover Design: Ikko Tanaka

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IDEA NO.165 : The 3rd NAAC Exhibition

Published: 1981/3   Sold out.

Cover Design: Deborah Sussman

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IDEA NO.164 : Type Directors Club 26th Annual Exhibition

Published: 1981/1   Sold out.

Cover Design: Toshihiro Katayama

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IDEA NO.163 : The Society of Illustrators 22nd Annual Exhibition

Published: 1980/11   Sold out.

Cover Design: Mick Haggerty

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IDEA NO.162 : Henry Steiner / Hong Kong

Published: 1980/9   Sold out.

Cover Design: Henry Steiner

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IDEA NO.161 : Elwood H. Smith's Comics

Published: 1980/7   Sold out.

Cover Design: Elwood H. Smith

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IDEA NO.160 : The Works of Bruce Hopper

Published: 1980/5   Sold out.

Cover Design: Pegge Hopper

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IDEA NO.159 : Advertising Art of Shiseido Cosmetics

Published: 1980/3   Sold out.

Cover Design: Kazuhiko Ohta

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IDEA NO.158 : Type Directors Club Twenty-Five Annual Exhibition

Published: 1980/1   Sold out.

Cover Design:Kenzo Nakagawa/Network

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IDEA NO.157 : David Hillman's editorial design for Nova Magazine

Published: 1979/11   Sold out.

Cover Design:Jan Rajlich

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