Change of Publication Frequency

Dear readers

Thank you for your continuous help and support as always.

We have determined that we will change frequency of our magazine from this issue–No. 368 (due out on 10th Dec),

We will change its frequency from bi-monthly to quarterly with the release date on every 10th of March, June, September and December. Idea’s price, specification and contents won’t change for the coming year.

We have determined to change it due to the company’s re-organization of publishing with more projects on books and web services.

We would like to apologize inconvenience caused. Delivery of specific number of issues will honor the volume/quantity of original subscription terms. Please contact your local distributor with any issues.

Also, at this moment we have to make clear the primary language of the magazine is Japanese and the supplemental language is English. Idea has conventionally had published English text when the source of the contents are from Europe or U.S.A. as well as occasionally publishing Japanese contents in English.

Considering the economy of contemporary information environments and the proportion of
our readers’ literacy, we have put more focus on Japanese-specific content. Additionally, English translation costs a great deal of money and time.

Although the magazine will stay visually rich, we hope your understanding of this precondition.

Since the magazine’s foundation in 1953, we have featured graphic design from around the world as well as Japan, in accordance with changes in the times.

We will continue this mission, as we are preparing further initiatives for readers worldwide in the near future.

Thank you for your understanding and further support.

Best Regards,
IDEA team