IDEA No.369 : A History of Graphic Design in Japan : 1990-2014

Published: 2015/03   Price: 2,829+tax jp yen
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Visual Chronology from 1990 to 2014

Art direction and Illustration: Bunpei Yorifuji
Design: Shinji Hamana

The Relationship between a Computer and Graphic Design since the 90s
Shibuya-kei Design
Learning the Essence of Design
The Margin of Typography 1990-2015

Design Awards and Tendencies

[Series1] All we know about Japanese Zines Vol. 2:ZINES in the 90s―The World Before Google, Part One

[Series2]Age of Inforgraphics Vol.3

[Series3]Yellow Pages Vol.3: Na Kim (Seoul)

NOTE: All text in Japanese unless otherwise noted.

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Published: 2014/05   Price: 2,000+tax jp yen
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(Text in Japanese)
A5, soft cover, 224pages

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20th Century Editorial Odyssey: Innovative Magazines

Published: 2014/04   Price: 2,500+tax jp yen
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(Text in Japanese)

20th Century Editorial Odyssey: Innovative Magazines
Yuichi Akata+Barbora
B5,soft cover,224pages
2,500+tax yen

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An Anthology of Idea's Interviews

Published: 2014/02   Price: 1,400+tax jp yen
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(Text in Japanese)

An Anthology of Idea's Interviews
Idea Magazine
105mm x 175mm, soft cover, 432 pages

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Emil Ruder: fundamentals

Published: 2013/11   Price: 2,000+tax jp yen
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four lectures from the 1950s by the master of timeless typography

Emil Ruder
300 x 230mm, hard cover with jacket, 80 pages

English translated from German by Roy Cole.
Japanese by Ikue Amemiya and Kiyonori Muroga.

designed by Helmut Schmid with Nicole Schmid.

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Nihon-ji Free Style Complete

Published: 2013/08   Price: 2,000+tax jp yen
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(Text in Japanese)
464 pages, 210 x 148mm, paperback

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