IDEA No.370 : Thought and Design

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Thought and Design

Project by Laboratories with Idea
Art Direction by Kensaku Kato (Laboratories)
Design by Laboratories

Designing Medium by McLuhan
Text by Takeshi Kadobayashi

1960- Extension of Media and Thoughts
Experiment of visual paperbacks / Counter culture in pocket / Visual Books by Yokoo and Awazu / Style of Kohei Sugiura-1,2

On Inventory Books
Interview with Adam Michael (Project Projects)

1980- Transdisciplinarity and RTzutomestructuring
GS / New Academism / ZONE / Postmodernism and Typography

Designer Thinking
interview with Tztom Toda

Forming the Trinity: Criticism, Architecture and Information Technology Between the 1990s-2000s.
Text by Yoshikazu Nango

Adrift 1982-1988
Interview with Tomio Ogihara

2000- Beyond the Network
Zines of Criticism in the 00s(Text by Tetsuro Irie, Toshihiko Mineo)/ Reality and writers in the post Internet age / Books in Japanese Sans-Serif Typeface

Thoughts and Designs in the 00s
Text by Tetsuro Irie

Design and Practice of Space for Criticism
Interview with Hiroki Azuma

Interface between Paper and Thoughts: Chronology of Philosophy Journals in Japan
Text by Takamitsu Yamamoto

193510: Essay on Criticism/ Medium/Material
Text by Satoshi Osawa

Around "Atlas of the Functional City" The Modern Role of the Map
A round-table talk: Kei Minohara, Naoto Nakajima, Ryuji Fujimura and Yuzo Kariya

[Series1]Age of Infographics Vol.5

[Series2]Yellow Pages Vol.5: Santi Lawrachawee (Bangkok)

[Series3] All we know about Japanese Zines Vol. 3:ZINES in the 90s―The World Before Google, Part Two

[Scenography by Kazunari Hattori for the 'laboratory of ideas'
"petit h" of Hermès

Intreview with Kazunari Hattori

"Kyutai" Vol.6

NOTE: All text in Japanese unless otherwise noted.

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typography today revised edition

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In Japanese+English

concept and design: Helmut Schmid
Size: 225mm x 297mm, Hard cover, 200 page.


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Idea Document: On The Shoulders Of Giants (Type Design Issue)

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In Japanese+English
297x225mm, soft cover, 374pages

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