IDEA magazine387
Examining the History of Japanese Book Design from the Perspective of Publishing from 1996 to 2020

IDEA No.387
Published: 2019/10
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Examining the History of Japanese Book Design
from the Perspective of Publishing from 1996 to 2020

Direction by Toshinobu Nagata & Jun Kawana & Isao Mitobe & Idea
Design by LABORATORIES (Kensaku Kato, Hiroyuki Kishida)
Photography by GTTGHM (Title Pages) & Satoshi Aoyagi (Books)

Foreword: Memorandum of Understanding for the History of Book Design in Japan
Text by Toshinobu Nagata

Chapter 1: Polyphony on Paper

Voice of Provocative Concrete Poets
Text by Isao Mitobe

From the“ Low-margin, High-volume” Type to the“ High Added Value” Type
The Change in the Publishing Industry Since 1996
Text by Wataru Hoshino

Chapter 2: Title Bricolage

Make the Only One with Tools on Hand
Text by Toshinobu Nagata

25 Years of Best Seller
Text by Shuji Sawamura

Chapter 3: Boundary Between Words / Figure and Form

Relationship and Transition of the Poetry and the Hand Letters
Text by Jun Kawana

Subtractive for the Cooking Photo
Text by Tetsuya Miura

Chapter 4: Book Design Old School

Books Become a Luxury Object
Text by Toshinobu Nagata

Book and Design––This World and the World to Come
Text by Kiyonori Muroga

Chapter 5: Image Arena

Change Always Comes from the Unknown (Maybe…)
Text by Toshinobu Nagata

Round-table Talk: Book Design is Book Design
Speaker: Toshinobu Nagata, Jun Kawana, Isao Mitobe & Kensaku Kato
Text by Toshinobu Nagata

Towards the Essence of Publication
Text by Toshinobu Nagata

Spagetti and Typography: Junpei Niki
Text, Photography & Design by: Yasuo Totsuka (nu)


[Series] FormSWISS #2 Swiss Italian linguistic region
Total Planning / Production by Form
Art Direction & Design by &Form
Writing by Arata Maruyama
Translation by Kazuko Fujimoto-Hedges, Mika Iwasaka
Photography by Simone Cavadini, Arata Maruyama
Typeface by Swiss Typefaces
Printing (pp. 119-120) by Taiyo Printing
Cooperation by Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, Swiss Typefaces, Taiyo Printing
Special Thanks: Gigi Mascheloni, Viviana Altafin

Simone Cavadini

Jannuzzi Smith

Bruno Monguzzi

Alfio Mazzei


Mario Botta & Accademia di Architettura

[Report] Books and Arts Exhibition vol. 3 Naoki Sato Circulating Pages and Murals
Design by Kazuhiro Yamada (nipponia)

Circulating Pages and Murals
Text by Naoki Sato

[Event Report] Graphic Trial 2019