IDEA magazine074

IDEA No.074
Published: 1966/1

Editor: Noboru Sakamoto
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Charles Schorre

One percent of Swedish advertising
Illustrator / Charles Schorre
Illustrator / Arthur Paul
Illustrator / Joseph Veno
Illustrator / John Trotta
An Aesthetic Comment on Picture Post Cards by Shinichi Segi
Elly Gross
Animation: Weapon of Visionary Reality by Isamu Kurita
The 50th Exhibition of Nika of Commercial Art by Akiko Hyuga
Magazine advertisements of cigaret “Peace” by Yusuke Kaji
Display of the British Exhibition Tokyo by Ichiro Hasegawa
Here & there

Charles Schorre
Born in U.S.A.. He was an art director, illustrator and photographer as free-lance. Also he was a member of many Society including Illustration, Watercolor and Typography. He joined the navy for WW2. After that he come back to school and graduated in 1948, and began to working as a advertising designer. He was famous for design but he has the very talent of drawing. dead in 1996.