IDEA magazine048

IDEA No.048
Published: 1961/8

Editor: Takashi Miyayama
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Otto Treumann

Otto Treuman (A.G.I.)
Experimental Typography by American Designers
Exhibition of Müller-Brockmann
Campari (1860~1960)
Trio Advertising Exhibition
Arts et Techniques Graphiques
Illustration of Mode
Graphics: Rampant are non-formative arts by S. Imatake
1960 Excellent Car Cards Exhibition
Editor’s note

Otto Treumann
Born in Fürth, Germany in 1919. In 1935 he moved to Holland. In 1945 he opened his studio in Amsterdam and started his career as a free-lance graphic designer. Following are his main design activities: House Style for university, corporation, museum and architecture association. Also he designed the posters for Utrecht International Trade Fair, and Postal Bureau and the catalogues and books. He was Chairman of GKF graphic designers association from 1955 till 1967.