IDEA magazine130

IDEA No.130
Published: 1975/5

Cover Design:Takenobu Igarashi

Fujita Design, Inc. – They know what they are doing and why.
Olle Eksell
AIGA / color show
Art-works of the Automatics dolls Erika Billeter
Photographer, Sam Haskins
Rose Farber and her works
Takenobu Igarashi / graphic design
A super-picture book by Jörg Müller
Walls designed by Betty Wells Robert L. Leslie
Five designers on the West Coast Tom & Teresa Woodward, Harry Murphy, Marry Gunsaullus and Dick Sakahara
Howard Goldstein
Elements of Idea “Animals as Design Motif”
’74 Mainichi Design Award

Takenobu Igarashi
Born in Hokkaido in 1944. After graduating from Tama Art University, moved to America. He graduated from graduate school of UCLA. In 1970 he established his own office, Igarashi Studio. Since 1975 he had had lecture in UCLA for a year. He has been engaged in the fields such as graphic, product and sculpture. His representative works are a series of disign of MoMA’s calender, CI of Calpis, Suntory and Meiji Dairies Cooporation.