IDEA magazine118

IDEA No.118
Published: 1973/5

Editor: Yoshihisa Ishihara
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Marvin Mattelson

Gene Federico by Koichi Nakai
Marvin Mattelson
Norma Updyke in Packaging Design Programs
Fred Troller
James Barkley and his Works by Shin’ichi Segi
Wonderful Paper World ’73
Gervasio Gallardo
Elements of idea “The Arrows” by Shigeo Fukuda
James Cross
Ray Engle
Tokyo and New York ’72
Tokyo Commercial Artists Group’s Design Show “Image of Joy Dedicated to You”
40th Mainichi Design Awards
Raymond Gid
Traditional Japanese Package Designs
Mirror + Mirage by Yuji Baba by Ohchi Hiroshi

Marvin Mattelson
He is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and attended the Philadelphia College of Art. After graduation, he set up his own studio in New York in 1970 and then he worked as a free-lance illustrator for the magazines and advertisiment. His illustrations appeared in many magazines, ‘Look,” New York Times,” Saturday Review’ and ‘National Lampoon,’ stressing his concept with his humor, satire and visual contradiction.