IDEA magazine131

IDEA No.131
Published: 1975/7

Editor in chief: Yoshihisa Ishihara
Assistant Editor: Tadashi Hamada
Editorial Cooperation: Ohchi Design Office and Midori Imatake
Cover Design: Ben Boss, Total Design

Lettering Calligraphy / Alphabets Show by 32 Typographers by Shin’ichiro Tora
Louis Portuesi’s Promotion Pieces for the Reader’s Digest Magazine
Josse Goffin, Belgian Lyricist
The Orthometric Art of Gerald Cross by Myrna Davis
Preuit Holland
Elements of Idea “Pattern & Ground” Relationship by Shigeo Fukuda
Identities in Environment by Midori Imatake
Edward Marson
Stephen Graff Doyle Dane Bernbach
Jerry C. Demoney
Vasarely III, Plastic Arts of the Twentieth Century <Book Review>
Tom Gilday by Penton Publications
Total Design BV by Shigeru Watano
Leslie A. Segal by Corporate Annual Reports, Inc.
’75 Graduation Works of Graphic Art Students
Graphic Designs from Great Britain

Total Design
In 1963 Total Design was established by Wim Crouwel, Friso Kramer and Benno Wissing in Amsterdam. Total Design covered or bordered on the fields of architecture (interior and exterior), industrial design, echitibions, graphic presentation and visual communication and offered clients a complete design service to develop corporte identity programs. Recently Total Design changed its name into Total Identity.