IDEA magazine137

IDEA No.137
Published: 1976/7

Editor in chief: Yoshihisa Ishihara
Assistant Editor: Tadashi Hamada
Editorial Cooperation: Midori Imatake and Ohchi Design Office
Cover Design: Michael Doret

Springett Wuttke by Midori Imatake
Lee Epstein Interviewer: Yoshiko Yahashi
Aaron Marcus, Graphic Designer and Graphic De-Signer by Midori Imatake
Michael Doret Interviewer: Yoshiko Yahashi
Marjorie L. Katz Interviewer: Yoshiko Yahashi
David Kaestle Interviewer: Yoshiko Yahashi
Graphic Design Now – Posters Shin’ichi Segi
’76 Greeting Card & Calendar
The International Confrontation of Children’s Book Illustration BIB ’75 by Jan Rajlich
Banyan Productions Pte Ltd, in Singapore
’76 Graduation Works of Graphic Art Students
Visual Identity in American Revolution Bicentennial Osamu Kayaba
Bicentennial Art Posters
Twentieth -century American Folk Art and Artist by Akiko Hyuga
Entries in 1976 One Show International Division Screened
The 36th Annual Exhibition of Art Culture Association
Exhibitions at Pieter Brattinga’s Print Gallery, Amsterdam

Michael Doret
Born in New York. After he graduated from Cooper Union in 1967, he experienced working at many companies as a designer or art director. His main challenge in design is the pursuit of lettering in graphic. By 1972 he got many clients such as ‘Esquire,’ ‘National Lampoon,’ Atlantic Record, Columbia Record.