IDEA magazine256
Typography ∞

IDEA No.256
Published: 1996/5

Cover Design:Jonathan Barnbrook

Part 1: Typography of This Century Supervision: Ruki Matsumoto, Visuals from: Ruki Matsumoto Collection, Batsu Art Gallery
Futurism – A Germ of Modern Typography Catherine Burer
De Stijl – A Balance of Contrasts Max Bruinsma
Constructivism – A Vision of Reality Max Bruinsma
Bauhaus – A Form of Function Catherine Burer
Neue Grafik Catherine Burer
Psychedelic Movement Noi Sawaragi
Part 2: The Cutting Edge of Typographical Design
The Talks with Paul Rand, Reprinted from “Type Talks” magazine, 1989 Fall issue
What does typographic design mean to you? 1 Siegfried Odermatt / Rosmarie Tissi / Takenobu Igarashi / Wild Plakken / Bruno Monguzzi / Max Kisman / Nikulaus Troxler / Koichi Sato
What does typographic design mean to you? 2 Makoto Saito / Uwe Loesch / Gunter Rambow / Roger Pfund / Ralph Schraivogel / Gan Hosoya / Kiyoshi Awazu / Shinro Ohtake
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Jonathan Barnbrook
Born in Luton in 1966. He is a graduate of St. Martins College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art, and works as an independent graphic design and TV commercial director at Barnbrook Studio in London’s sultry Soho district. He has also worked on experimental typefaces in his own font foundry, Virus.