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Dressed Down Design

Published: 1995/11

Cover Design:Gert Dumbar

Special Feature: Dressed Down Design Round Table Discussion: The Meaning of Dressed Down Noi Sawaragi x Noriyuki Tanaka x Ichiro Higashiizumi
Simple, yet Innovative Composition, Werner Jeker Text: Catherine Burer
“Sinyo Beta,” Hajime Tachibana’s Plug in Module Interview with Hajime Tachibana
Typographic Design Jonathan Barnbrook Text: Takuya Matsunoki
Design Works in Ginza by Masayoshi Nakajo Interview with Masayoshi Nakajo
Scott Menchin, New York Illustrator Text: Takahisa Iwayoshi††
Four part series: Studio Dumbar – The Whole Story, Part 2: 25 Years of Gert Dumbar Text: Shigeru Watano / Yachiyo Matsuzaki
’95 N.Y. ADC, Tokyo ADC, N.Y. TDC Text: Shinichiro Tora, Koji Mizutani, Akio Kodaira
Series: Elements – Re Elements Part 2 by Keiji Ito – Hideki Nakajima
Final Home, Developing a new relationship between creator and society Interview with Kosuke Tsumura
Schadara Parking by Suzy Amakane
The Scientific Technique of Constructive Creativity Vittorio Prina Text: Shigeru Watano / Yachiyo Matsuzaki
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Gert Dumbar
Born in 1940. He learned painting and graphic design at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the Hague. He established Studio Dumbar in 1977 after he left his previous agency Tel Design. Since then the Studio Dumbar team has completed numerous design programs for many major national and international clients, including IBM, Phillips, Apple Computer Europe, the British royal Academy of Art, Bayer GmbH, and the Danish Post. Recently they have a new studio in Rotterdam.