IDEA magazine260
Work from London

IDEA No.260
Published: 1997/1

Cover Design:Me Company

Special Feature: Work from London Cooperation/Text: Michael Horsham
Process; A Tomato Project Text: IDEA Editorial Staff
Me Company –Snapshots from a Virtual World Text: Jim Davies
Naohiro Ukawa –“MoM ‘n’ DaD Productions”
Roger Pfund –Expression within the Polar Oppositions Text: Ines Scolari
Elements – Re・Elements Part 8 Keiji Ito → Shinya Nakajima
One in a Million Photography: Kyoji Takahashi, Design: Koichi Hara
Hiromu Hara –The Dawn of Japanese Modern Graphic Design Text: IDEA Editorial Staff
Shinro Ohtake’s Silly But Striking Book Art/Text: Shinro Ohtake
The Czech Avant-Garde and Czech Book Design: 1920s and 1930s Text: Naomichi Kawahata
Good-Bye Josef Muller Brockmann Text: Yusaku Kamekura
IDEA Talks vol. 1: with Mike Mills Intervies: IDEA Editorial Staff
News & Information, Exhibitions and Book Reviews, Addresses of Contributors

Me Company
Me Company is a London-based metamedia dream-team founded in 1985. They specialise in high-impact imagery, brand creation and identity development for a wide ranging and influential group of corporate, agency and artist. Their work typically includes art direction, typography, logo development, character design, graphic design and animation. Recently they have created print, broadcast video, internet, video games, interior design and product design.