IDEA magazine261
Trance Design

IDEA No.261
Published: 1997/3

Cover Design:David Carson

Special Feature: Trance Design –Analysis into 8 factors which evoke “trance” in the graphics. Trance Patterns / Hyper Texture / Colour Combination / Moving Image / Images of Illusion / Perspective / Continuation and Aggregation / Noise and Accumlations Planning and Arrangement: IDEA Editorial Staff
David Carson –Shift of Power / Devolution Text: Yoshifumi Fujii
Osamu Fukushima –The Messages from Deep Inside His Body and Soul Text: IDEA Editorial Staff
Yusaku Kamekura –The Course of Japanese Modern Design Interview with Yusaku Kamekura by IDEA Editorial Staff
Graphic Design in China ’96 Text: Keizo Matsui
Elements – Re・Elements Part 9 Keiji Ito → Hiroki Taniguchi
Tokyo Typodirectors Club ’97 Annual Award Text: Katsumi Asaba
A Tribute to the Memory of Paul Rand –The Footprints of Great Master in This Century Text: Yusaku Kamekura, Minoru Morita, John Maeda
1996 Internet Graphic Design Competition Text: IDEA Editorial Staff
IDEA Talks vol.2: with CIRC [You Kitagawa] Interview: IDEA Editorial Staff
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David Carson
Born in Texas in the United States in 1955. Principal of David Carson Design in New York City. He has a B.A. degree in Sociology and he was also a professional surfer. His design of Beach Culture magazine won over 150 awards. And he is most well known for his work art directing the magazine ‘Ray Gun’ which had no consistent typefaces or layouts and he became ‘America’s most innovative designers’.