IDEA magazine263
Photo Direction of Impact

IDEA No.263
Published: 1997/7

Cover Design:Ichiro Tanida

Special Feature: Photo Direction of Impact Planning and Arrangement: IDEA Editorial Staff
Mark Farrow –Post Chaotic but Pre Chaotic Design Text: Liz Farrelly
David Sandlin –The Fine Artist Ridiculing Modern Society Text: Takahisa Iwayoshi
Cornel Windlin –An Attitude Detached Without Disavowing the Times Text: Martin Heller
Elements – Re・Elements Part 10 Keiji Ito → Neo Art Group
IDEA Talks vol. 3: with Me Company Interview: IDEA Editorial Staff
Yusaku Kamekura Passed Away
Special Feature: ’97 Graduation Works of Graphic Design Students Masuteru Aoba
Visual Design Art of 81st Nika Exhibition
The 57th Annual Exhibition of Bijutsu Bunka Art Association
News & Information, Exhibitions and Book Reviews, Addresses of Contributors

Ichiro Tanida
Born in Tokyo in 1965. After graduated from Tokyo art school, he entered BISE in 1986. He left BISE in 1992, and began to focus on study of painting and drawing. Tanida made a comeback in 1994 with his CG works. He founded John and Jane Doe Inc. in 1996. His projects include moving image, CG, illustration. His resent works are Asahi, TBC, CF for Nintendo etc.