IDEA magazine265
Transitions in Humorous Visual Images

IDEA No.265
Published: 1997/11

Cover Design: Raymond Savignac

Special Feature: Transitions in Humorous Visual Images –The Substance of Analog Design Text: Alain Weill, Supervision: Ruki Matsumoto, Planning and Arrangement: IDEA Editorial Staff
Elements – Re・Elements Part 12 (Last installment) Keiji Ito → Shinro Ohtake
Masaru Katzumie –The Role of the Design Producer –15 Years Passed since Masaru Katzumie’s Death Text: IDEA Editorial Staff
Naomi Enami –Oscillation of Expressions Interview: IDEA Editorial Staff
Ultra Baroque –Uniqueness of Mexican Religions Graphics Text, Photo: Ichiro Ono
“Letter Games” –The 8th International Chaumont Graphic Arts Festival
Collapse … and Rebirth “Advertising Art History II” –an Event Predicting a New Trend of Advertising in the 21st Century
IDEA Talks vol. 5: with Koichi Sato Interview: IDEA Editorial Staff
News & Information, Exhibitions and Book Reviews, Addresses of Contributors

Raymond Savignac
Born in Paris in 1907. In 1935 he became A.M.Cassandre’s pupil. In 1949 his work Monsavon Cow received much attention and he became famous as poster artist. He has contributed to the image of many leading French and foreign companies, from Bic to Air France, from Dunlop to Pepsi Cola. And japanese clients include Morinaga, Toshimaen, Suntory. Died in 2002.