IDEA magazine272
Visual Impacts and Social Tensions Planning and Arrangement

IDEA No.272
Published: 1999/1

Cover Design: Masayoshi Nakajo & J.Heartfield

Special Feature: Visual Impacts and Social Tensions Planning and Arrangement: IDEA Editorial Staff, Special Thanks: Ruki Matsumoto Collection, Batsu Art Gallery
The Nazi propaganda activities and its social background Hideyuki Yamamoto
Impact is created from elements such as graphism, ideas, the times, and mentalities Makoto Saito
Futuristic impact is hidden in ordinary life Noriyuki Tanaka
An Alternative Situation in an Age of Spanking Unconsciousness Hiroyuki Aihara
The 5th International Biennal of Poster in Mexico Text: German Montalvo
Johnson & Wolverton –The design firm starting the main stream with street taste
groovisions –The Alchemy of Design That Revives Past Images
Why Not? –A Special Book Review “Why Not?” covers Why Not Associates’ trace of a decade and shows the site of the 1990s’ creative scene
News & Information, Exhibitions and Book Reviews, Addresses of Contributors

Masayoshi Nakajo
Born in Tokyo in 1933. Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. In 1956 he entered the advertising department of Shiseido,and moved to Deska K. K. in 1959. Became a free-lancer in 1960 and the following year he started the Nakajo Design Office. Major works include Shiseido PR magazine ‘Hanatsubaki’, ‘the ginza’, tacticsdesign, matsuya ginza, spiral, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.

John Heartfield
Born in Germany in 1891. His real name is Helmut Herzfeld. Influenced by George Grosz, he made satirical works against the Nazis with photomontage, the production of pictures by rearranging selected details of photographs to form a new and convincing unity. After WWI he joined KPD and Dada group. He was forced to leave Germany in 1933 and moved to England. In 60 back to East germany. Died in Berlin in 1968.