IDEA magazine101
Ketchum, Macleod & Grove, Inc.

IDEA No.101
Published: 1970/7

Editor: Noboru Sakamoto
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Jun Tabohashi

Ketchum, Macleod & Grove, Inc.
José Pla Narbona
“Firm marks, Typology of marks, Advertising elements. Compact advertisement” by O. S. Rechenauer, Anton Stankowski
Calendar & Greeting Card ’70
Samuel Kirson
Graduation Works of Graphic Art Students by Midori Imatake
The Future of Illustrators by Daniel Schwartz
Tsutomu Toguchi
Jan Pienkowski
Contemporary new typefaces in Japan

Jun Tabohashi
Born in Seoul, in 1931. His father was a professor of Seoul University and come back to Japan when WW2 was over. Studied at Kanazawa College of Art, Oil Painting. From 1957 to 1991 he worked for Dentsu Inc. and designed advertisement of many companies that represented Japan. Received over 180 international/domestic awards including Tokyo ADC Award, N.Y.ADC Awards and many others.