IDEA magazine198
Concepts in Holland

Cover Design: Toshifumi Kawahara, Pierre Lachapelle, Philippe Bergeron, Pierre Robidoux, Daniel Langlois
©1986 Seibundo Shinkosha
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Publisher: Shigeo Ogawa
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Special Feature: Concepts in Holland by Hans Bockting, Will de I’Ecluse, Theo Groothuizen, Ton Haak, Floor Kamphorst, Hartmut Kowalke, Anne Stienstra, Marcel Vroom
Kathleen Bick’s Images with Light and Water by Kathleen Bick
Orte: Cover Designs and Layout by Ruedi Rüegg by Shigeru Watano
Special Feature: “Tony De Peltrie” Symbol of a New Era of Computer Animation by Toshifumi Kawahara
S. Fukuda’s “412 Illustticks” Exhibition by Shigeo Fukuda
Carlos Gallardo: A New Frontier of Design in Argentina” by Carlos Gallardo
Gerstman + Meyers Inc. by Takeo Yao
Paul Rand: A Designer’s Art by Minoru Niijima + Hiroshi Shoji
Richard Haas’s American Illusion by Shigeo Fukuda
Roberts Weaver: Emphasizes Importance of ID’s Social Resoponsibility
Form Follows Marketing Objectives, Primo Angeli Inc. by Primo Angeli
The Art Directors Club “Hall of Fame 1985” by Art Kane, Len Sirowitz, Charles Tudor, Aaron Burns, Shinichiro Tora
28th Annual Exhibition of the Society of Illustrators by Jill Bossert, Shinichiro Tora
Rpberts Weaver’s Design Input: Redesign for Goonhilly Down Operations Control Room
4th JAGDA Seminar ’86
39th Dentsu Advertising Award
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Design Criticism
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Toshifumi Kawahara
Born in Kyoto in 1950. Received an M.A. from the Art and Design Department of UCLA. While at UCLA, he also worked as a teaching assistant in the field of video and computer graphics. After graduating and returning to Japan, he worked for Takenobu Igarashi Design studio, and then founded his own design office. He was pioneer in the field of CG in Japan and created many TVCM and CG in TV program. Currently he is the president of Polygon Pictures Inc.