IDEA magazine332
How does graphic design CHANGE?

IDEA No.332
Published: 2009/1
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Special Feature: How does graphic design CHANGE?
Mike Meiré, Alexandre Bettler, Alex Rich & Åbäke, Alberto Folch Studio, Byggstudio, Work Worth Doing, onlab, Twopoints.Net, Practise, Dexter Sinister, Adrian Shaughnessy, Charlotte Cheetham, HudsonBec, Urs Lehni, Onomatopee, Rob Giampietro, Will Holder, Sean Donahue & Jon Sueda, Thumb, Stephen Coates, Dave Eggers, Office, Sam Potts, Stefan G. Bucher, William Drenttel (Winterhouse), Zak Kyes, Metahaven / The story of the Guardian typefaces 2003-2005 Text by Paul Barnes
A Cultural History of Contemporary Design Vol. 3 Ken Fujieda (Coa Graphics)Text by Barbora
The Shape of Things to Come Vol. 3 Text by Takashi Serizawa Design by Tokyo Pistol
MeMe Design Journal Vol.3 “Printing and Design” Hitomi Sago and Toppan Printing
Fumio Tachibana x NIKE SPORTSWEAR

Special supplement with CD: raster-noton “aiff-tiff”

Special Feature : How does graphic design CHANGE?
Are we not living in a time of change?
More than eighty years have passed since the term “graphic design” was born in the early twentieth century. Nonetheless, the nature of work carried out by graphic designers has not experienced any fundamental change. Yet, it is apparent that the line between the private and public domains of activity is blurring. The movement to acquire autonomy in client-oriented, heteronomous activities as well as the movement to gain a larger public audience for the products of self-initiated, autonomous activities are already underway. These two movements are not isolated from one another but, in fact, intermingle in the daily practice of designers.
So let us ask: in modern society, what mode of production will designers attempt to utilize and, on a daily basis, how will they attempt to construct the world in which they live? The projects gathered here may not lead to a dramatic change that is visible to the eye. But, make no mistake: these projects depict the reality before our eyes.

Design of Everyday Life
From kitchens to urban spaces, the designer reinvents the environments of our everyday lives.

The Farm Project
Mike Meiré

The Bread Workshops
Alexandre Bettler

Social Pasta
Alex Rich & Åbäke

Albert Folch Studio

Vintage Plant

Now House Project
Work Worth Doing

City of Tramelan

The One Weekend Book Series


Design of Media
Individually-launched media ventures are turning toward more open, collective and performative practice.

Farben on Demand

Just-In-Time Workshop & Occasional Bookstore
Dexter Sinister

Graphic Design on the Radio
Adrian Shaughnessy

Charlotte Cheetham

If You Could / It’s Nice That

Rollo Press
Urs Lehni


Pamphlets for Friends / Posts by Post
Rob Giampietro


Design of Commons
A new model of cooperative practice committed to the public domain and political activity is gaining power.

Common Knowledge
Will Holder

Sean Donahue & Jon Sueda

The Cargo Chain

Stephen Coates

826 Valencia/NYC/LA
Dave Eggers, Office, Sam Potts, Stefan G. Bucher

The Polling Place Photo Project
William Drenttel, Winterhouse

The Choices / Bedford_Press
Zak Kyes

White Night Before A Manifesto / Exodvs


The story of the Guardian typefaces 2003-2005
Text by Paul Barnes
With contribution from Christian Schwartz, Mark Porter


A Cultural History of Contemporary Design Vol. 3
Ken Fujieda (Coa Graphics)
Text by Barbora [Japanese only]


Special supplement with CD: raster-noton “aiff-tiff”
alva noto, cyclo., frank bretschneider, nibo, bytone, signal

01 alva noto u_03 4:30
02 alva noto xerrox teion 2:03
03 alva noto xerrox teion acat 5:27
04 byetone capture this (II) 4:41
05 frank bretschneider ventilator 2:33
06 nibo 254616048594308535014128 4583 6947 5:00
07 cyclo. c31_basscorner 2:33
08 signal naplafa 5:52

01 taken from alva noto . unitxt (r-n 95)
02 and 03 taken from alva noto . xerrox vol. 2 (r-n 103)
04 taken from byetone . death of a typographer (r-n 92)
05, 06, and 07 previously unreleased
08 taken from signal . robotron (r-n 69)